2020 Winter Herbshare

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The Winter Herbshare is a community medicine sharing project going into it's 5th year! Available at a wide sliding scale rate, this herbal remedy subscription runs monthly for 4 months from January through April. Each month participants receive a collection of 4 herbal remedies crafted from organic herbs that Tara grew during the growing season. The amount of medicine that comes in an Herbshare is enough for a month of daily use; most folks find it to be quite a lot of medicine that they're able to build up a home apothecary. Most of the remedies included will stay good for 2+ years. Some of the treats you can find in an Herbshare include: Fresh elixirs, tinctures, slow infused honeys and medicinal vinegars, infused massage oils, salves and balms, flower essences, dried tea blends, herbal bath satchels, body scrubs, foot soaks and smoking mixtures, to name a few! Throughout the winter you can deeply support your wellness and build yourself a home apothecary with safe and effective remedies grown and crafted by an experienced medicine maker. 

Each Herbshare contains over $140 worth of remedies but is offered on a much reduced sliding scale. Every Herbshare comes with thorough information about all of the herbs and remedies featured that month. This knowledge sharing is based in Tara's depth of experience and skill as a traditionally and clinically trained herbalist who has been in community practice for over 15 years. This knowledge sharing includes detailed information of how the herbs work in our bodies, how and when to work with the remedies, appropriate dosage information, safety precautions in regards to potential interactions with medications and health conditions, traditional Irish lore, as well as personal stories of growing the medicines and creating the remedies. 

 Herbshares will be available for pickup in Tkaronto's Bloorwest on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Shares can be mailed anywhere in Canada/USA.


Herbshares are available on a sliding scale:

$78-$108 per month for 4 months

or  $312-$432 for the full 4 months

(prices include all taxes)

Reduced scale for BIPOC community members:

$68-$108 per month for 4 months

or  $272-$432 for the full 4 months 

(prices include all taxes)

This sliding-scale is self determined, geared towards income, privilege and levels of access.

Please get in contact with any questions about which rate is appropriate for you and make

sure to read the following for ideas about where to place yourself on this sliding-scale:

The top of the scale is the regular rate. It is intended for those who are middle class, who receive a salary and/or who have access to family wealth. White settler folks are encouraged to pay this rate whenever possible as it directly creates access to the lowest end of the scale.

The middle of the sliding-scale is the reduced rate which is intended for those who are working class, who have dependants, who fall somewhere between the low end and the high end of the scale.

The lowest end of the scale
is the solidarity rate. It is intended for folks who are unemployed or underemployed; make minimum wage, who are cash-poor and without family financial support. This lowered rate is directly subsidized by the higher rate on the scale so a limited number of spaces are available.