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D E E P E R  S U P P O R T


As a well seasoned herbalist, one of Tara's specialties is the herbal consultation. This is your opportunity to receive one on one support and custom made herbal medicines. It starts with an in depth 1.5-2 hour initial consult to discuss your history of health, check in about what is going on for you currently and to determine goals around your wellness. After your consult, Tara takes time to prepare a month's worth of personalized herbal remedies and if desired to create a care plan. Follow up consults take place a month later to check in about how the remedies are feeling and gives Tara a chance to make adjustments to your remedies as needed. Costs of herbal remedies are separate. 

In the face of navigating a pandemic, consults are only available by phone or video call at this time.


Consultations are available at the sliding scale rate of $80-180 in canadian funds, tax inclusive. This rate includes the initial 1.5-2 hour intake and includes 1 hour follow up consult a month later. Please review the information below about the sliding scale pricing model. Tara keeps their rates lower than other Herbalists of their experience and skill level simply because they recognize the importance of creating accessibility for lower income people.


On request, consultations can be offered free of cost to folks who are Indigenous to Turtle Island, as a gesture towards solidarity and right relationships. On request, consultations can be offered free of cost to Black People as a gesture of solidarity and as a way to support Black Liberation.


Tara has been offering free of cost and sliding scale consultations for decades. Due to high demand there are limited new bookings available for both paid consults and for free of cost consults. To inquire about booking please get in touch.

Here is some information around how to place yourself on the sliding scale:

The top of the scale is the regular rate. It is intended for those who receive a salary and have benefits, who are middle class, and/or who have access to savings or family wealth. White settler folks are encouraged to pay this rate whenever possible to create more access to the lowest end of the scale.

The middle of the sliding-scale is the reduced rate which is intended for those who are working class, who do not receive benefits from work, who have dependants or who fall somewhere between the low end and the high end of the scale.

The lowest end of the scale
is the solidarity rate. It is intended for folks whose only income is social assistance or disability payments, or for folks who make minimum wage, are cash-poor and without savings or family financial support. This lowered rate is subsidized by the regular rate and a limited number of spaces are available. Priority for this rate goes to BIPOC. 
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