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O F F E R I N G S :



Every month, Catalyst Community Herbals offers an Herbshare: A collection of freshly brewed, potent herbal remedies crafted from seasonally available herbs and created to support your vitality. Herbshares are available at a sliding-scale rate to accommodate differing levels of income and access. All profits from the Herbshares directly sustains the Catalyst Community Herbals project by being put towards growing and production costs. 


Organically grown, hand harvested and crafted in small batches. Herbs are harvested when they are in season, brewed into fresh elixirs, tinctures, infused honeys and medicinal vinegars, as well as infused oils, salves and balms. Fresh herbs are carefully dried for teas, herbal bath blends and smoking mixtures. Planting, harvesting and herbal concocting is carefully timed in accordance with cycles of the moon and planets. Get in touch for more information about acquiring remedies.


For those who wish to receive deeper personal support, Herbal consultations are offered in which a care plan and personalized herbal remedies are created for you. Consultations are available at a sliding scale rate, to accommodate differing incomes and levels of access. House calls are available on request for folks who are experiencing/living with barriers to their mobility. 



 S O L I D A R I T Y :


As a commitment to weaving ever evolving, anti-oppressive practices into this project, a generous amount of the herbal remedies grown and made are offered at-cost and free whenever possible. At-cost pricing means that the cost of materials gets covered and there is no profit made. 


At-cost remedies go directly to low income and no income 2Spirit, Queer & Trans folks, sex working folks, organizers and activists, street-involved folks; Distributed at anti-oppression protests and via Street Medic work, and offered up to pop-up clinics and Healing Justice fundraisers throughout Turtle Island (north america).


In solidarity with those who are most impacted by the oppressions of settler colonialism and white supremacy, priority for at-cost and free-of-cost remedies goes to low income BIPOC folks. Please get in touch for more information. 

Herbs are tended by hand on 1/4 acre of organic garden space within Dish with One Spoon Treaty Territory. As a gesture towards right relations, consultations are offered free of charge and a share of all medicines grown are available at-cost for Indigenous community members. At-cost pricing means that the cost of materials gets covered and there is no profit made.

M E E T  T A R A :


Tara Ní Máirín (they/them) is a genderqueer herbalist and medicine grower who creates remedies based in Irish plant medicine traditions. They're raised in a Northern Irish family settled in Dish With One Spoon Treaty Territory, coming from english occupied Béal Feirste (Belfast), Northern Ireland. Tara's fam have long been engaged in anti-colonial community organizing and they hope to honour that legacy by continually learning best ways to be adding fuel to the fires.


Tara has been offering free and sliding-scale community care for 20 years and has been professionally supporting clients for 15 years. They specializing in creating custom herbal remedies and care plans to support folks through times of transitions, be it gender-affirming or otherwise. As a survivor, Tara's work is trauma-informed and rooted in a harm reduction approach that honours supporting folks where they are at. As a person living with chronic pain and fluctuating dis/abilities, Tara holds much experience in working with herbal therapies to reduce and regulate pain levels. They come from a working class background and are committed to keeping their rates as accessibly-priced as possible.

Tara is an abolitionist working towards collective liberation. They support the reclamation of stolen knowledges and of stolen lands. They dream of a future in which Indigenous governance is honoured and protected throughout the world.

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